Just For Fun

For fun and a little time to waste….

Ok, not really waste, I am going to share some of the interesting adventures I find while I am perusing the ‘interwebs’ and just plain looking for cool stuff. I love to share good stuff, and so here you go!

  • I am Philip DeFranco – This guy is great, in fact, I have a little crush on him (don’t tell the hubby, oh wait, he knows & it’s because PhillyD reminds me of him.) PhillyD loves sharing his humor and tidbits with the world, and over the last couple of years – well, actually since I saw my first show – he amuses me. *This is where I have to stick in a warning to those offended by possible coarse language to just steer clear; nothing personal but I don’t relish the ‘You sent me to filth’ comments that could appear. That said, he does a regular webbity vlog Monday -Thursday on “newsy type stuff and things that mattered…”, and a movie club show on Saturdays called the PDS. You really can’t not be amused at some point, he really covers the gamut of current events and just some funny stuff!
  • Yahoo! Answers – I seriously cannot go an entire week without going to this wonderful collection of tips, tricks and step by step instructions of fixing stuff! They also cover a range of other topics besides DIY home projects, but that is what I’m usually there for. Seriously, if you have a question about pretty much anything – search first (chances are, you are not the first person with that question); but if it’s not in the database, ask it, other folks will put in their 2 cents. Most of the time, people genuinely give good feedback, but for the knuckleheads being inappropriate, you can report it.  Interesting ‘popular’ examples of questions: “What did you think of the big bright moon tonight?”, “I have a dying bonsai tree, how can I revive it?”, and “HELP! How do I open the door?”. There are some REALLY funny ones and some very helpful ones. Great resource on the web.
  • DROOL’D – This is just a really fun place to find any type of crazy gadget and unusual gift ideas. There are definitely some clever little goodies – and what collection of things wouldn’t be complete with the exorbitant dream gadgets. Looking for a Starship Enterprise light? How about a disposable basting brush with fresh rosemary sprigs as the basting bristles? All this stuff and things that go well beyond your wildest dreams…DROOL’D is the place for you!