Saints Row IV

08/27/13  So, on Monday (I think) I got the latest Saints Row IV and have played a ton, amongst all the other stuff I have crammed into my days.  So, overall initial feeling for the game — I hate to say this, because I love the Saints Row franchise — but, it feels like Volition just threw some new mini games and such over The Third platform. I like the super powers and stuff, but I really think they just HAD to beat GTA V off the store shelves. That said, I have managed to pass through fairly quickly and was 85% complete within the first week. (I know, many had it beat in first 24 – but I have to manage to fit a lot of other things into a...

(Old) New Games To Try :)

06/07/13  Got a couple of new games 😀 Today’s ‘thing’ is Oblivion (I know! I missed it when it first came out, but after playing Skyrim – I GOTTA check it out!) I also got The Testament of Sherlock Holmes — I am obsessed with all things Sherlock and while the game is kind of neat, it seems to have ‘glitched’ and I fear I may have to try to start over ONE more time to ascertain whether I can finish it or not! Wish me luck!

Plants Vs Zombies

05/15/13 So far today’s ‘thing’ is Plants Vs Zombies on Xbox 😉 Yes — I am WAY behind the craze, but I picked it up this morning & I’m hooked! LOL I have also been on a mission to get all of the little errands done!

Getting Better – Like A Rockstar ;)

On Monday September 16, 2013 I had the carpal tunnel release performed on my right hand. This is the second procedure of this type, as I had the left hand done in January of this same year. The left hand was a great success, when I had the stitches taken out, I did not even have to go to physical therapy – I had apparently done just the right things during the recovery/healing process. I will admit, I was a little apprehensive at having the right hand done, even though there was a great response from the left, I am a dominant righty and the thought of losing my main hand scared me some.  Fast forward to now and I feel like we are doing great once again! I have a very talented orthopaedic surgeon, who has impressed me. So less than a week following the surgery, that is – by Thursday; I have been able to touch the thumb to each finger except the pinky and it feels like it’s healing right up. Everyone keeps asking me how I manage to retain wonderful movement and heal so quickly without the need for PT. (Of course, the real test will come this Friday when he removes the pressure bandage.) So, for me, the quick recovery happens from a combination of different actions. First is keeping the hand elevated as much as possible to help with swelling. To help range of motion I have been wiggling all fingers and thumb, as well as rotation of the wrist. This is followed by stretching exercises, both extending and retracting (bend and straighten) the fingers and the fingertip touches mentioned above. The biggest thing I believe has aided, about 4 days following surgery I had enough strength and control over the digits to begin playing a little Xbox 🙂 I played a little Saints Row IV, and followed up with Rockstar’s GTAV. I really believe that the repetitive motions and different small movements performed during gameplay, has helped just as much as PT sessions. Bear in mind, I am not talking about the marathon 8+ hours I like to usually give a new game release, typically I find that 30-45 minutes of gameplay at a time is...