Star Trek: The Next Generation

07/29/13 I am on to Star Trek The Next Generation, or TNG as we used to call it when I was growing up. 😉 I remember this series VERY fondly from childhood and I think it will be fun going through the series again. Also, I have begun watching the Falling Skies series at the recommendation of my mother in law – not too far into this one yet though, still have to see what happens – but the first episode looks intriguing!

True Blood Is Back

06/23/13 TRUE BLOOD IS BACK!!! After episode 2 in season 6, I am more hyped for this season than any of the preceding! I am also sooo falling further into lust with Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard, yummy)! And once again I am cracking UP at Arlene’s attitude, I love that woman! Greatness!!!

(Old) New Games To Try :)

06/07/13  Got a couple of new games 😀 Today’s ‘thing’ is Oblivion (I know! I missed it when it first came out, but after playing Skyrim – I GOTTA check it out!) I also got The Testament of Sherlock Holmes — I am obsessed with all things Sherlock and while the game is kind of neat, it seems to have ‘glitched’ and I fear I may have to try to start over ONE more time to ascertain whether I can finish it or not! Wish me luck!

Star Trek The Original Series

07/24/13  I finished the Original Series of Star Trek and have come to the conclusion that Captain Kirk is the ultimate intergalactic pimp! I have moved on to the short lived Animated Series and am finding I am enjoying the short and funny episodes. Currently, I am watching the Tribble episode! 07/09/13  Finally made it to Season 3 of the Original Star Trek; and along with that being the latest dealio – also started watching Under the Dome…Lovin them! 06/05/13  Classic Star Trek Season 2 marathon almost over!! It has been fun watching some of my favorite childhood characters grow and change over the years during the show. I am finding I just love the charisma and intricacies of the relationship between McCoy and Spock! Surely it has made me smile a lot and I can’t WAIT for Season 3! I am also reading the first section of The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe — currently Hans Pfaal – what an advanced grasp of science (and science fiction) Poe possessed during his time! Beginning these works has reminded me of just how much I love Poe’s writing! 05/16/13  A classic Star Trek Season 1 marathon! I love all of the wonderful sci-fi stories! Since the hubby is still in New Mexico with work, I am still a lone eagle with a marathon on mind....

Plants Vs Zombies

05/15/13 So far today’s ‘thing’ is Plants Vs Zombies on Xbox 😉 Yes — I am WAY behind the craze, but I picked it up this morning & I’m hooked! LOL I have also been on a mission to get all of the little errands done!


05/14/13  Today’s craze is Torchwood! The entire idea of a super secret band of renegades fighting to save the earth from alien takeovers is a great one. I’ve almost completed the entire series and am thinking I’ll be sad when there are no more adventures to be had with Captain Jack, Gwen, Owen, Tosh & Yanto!!