About Me

I always hate having to fill out an ‘About Me’ area because, I am constantly on a journey of self discovery, learning to walk with Christ, and trying to find my purpose and life following the loss of my children. Every day is a new adventure waiting to inspire me to do something beautiful. I love food, nature and beautiful things, music and animals. I’m still learning how to best function in society, because while I am outgoing and babbling to most, inside feels like a chaotic battle of who I really am.

It's me! :)

It’s me! 🙂

That being said, as I vow to constantly be the best I can to others and just smile through life, I’m finding out that I’m not really as crazy as I think. Then again…ha this could be going nowhere…

Physically I am currently in Middle Tennessee, not too far from Nashville; but I’ve been many places and called many of them home. Colorado was where I was born and raised and I plan to retire one day in Montana.

And now – the journey begins….

If you want to send me an email – please do! I’d love any input, ideas and what you think about The Asylum! Send your email now 🙂