Cinnamon Streuesel Coffee Cake – Martha Stewart Style

With everything we have had going on lately, I decided it was far past time to create a baked miracle in the kitchen! I love sweets, and we usually end up with either prepackaged processed or something from the local bakery or store. I am a girl who loves coffee and what better to go with a perfectly crafted cuppa, that a Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cake Recipe that I stumbled across.

I almost cringe when I see Martha Stewart as the creator, nothing bad here! I actually love Martha and would love to be as naturally inclined at everything ‘home’ she is. We have successfully made her salisbury steak in the past, and though a little complex, was well worth the effort. So we decided to give this a try and are so glad we did! As an added tip, she has a banana coconut version I would be very willing to try, that sounds like it will add a whole new layer of flavor.

We followed this one ver batim and had great results that everyone loved! This is one I could highly recommend to anyone with a sweet tooth that loves cinnamon!


I love the smell of baking ingredients, and I love cinnamon….as you all well know 🙂

image (6)

A nice and crumbly consistency for the streusel.

image (2)

They cake ingredients mixed really well, we went a little longer than normal to make the cake more dense for the final consistency.

image (8)

We formed the prettiest little peaks, it was such a firm batter.

image (1)

Fresh pecans from New Mexico, roasted in the oven and chopped for the filling and the streusel…Yummy!

image (7)

This turned into the most scandalous middle goo ever!

image (9)

Gorgeous layers put in and ready to go into the oven once it is spread.

image (3)

Almost ready to bake!

image (4)

This is the magic – that cinnamon and brown sugar happiness that makes the strusel.

image (5)

Somehow I think I may start with the streusel layer first next time, just to look prettier.

image (10)

I wish the photo could convey the sweet miracle that is on this plate.


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