Chicken Divan Over Basmati Rice

With the days of Christmas past and the New Year upon us, funds are budgeted down to the penny so hubby says it’s a casserole kind of night. We have found that an all in one dish (veggies, proteins, fats etc) are typically really satisfying and easy on the pocketbook. He began a search of the web for some type of a casserole, and he came up with quite a few different possibilities. As he was sharing all of these, I said why not some¬†Chicken Divan¬†over some rice. It can be quick and easy, or you can take the route we did by creating our own chicken broth and boiling the chicken. Ok, so on to the old fashioned goodness of chicken, broccoli and cheese, a casserole that should be able to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

The recipe itself doesn’t take long at all, a little chopping cooked chicken and broccoli and that is really it. We ended up adding a little homemade extra this time, we bought the chicken breasts and boiled them in water, bouillon, fresh carrots & celery and some additional seasonings. Once the chicken was cooked through, we allowed to cool entirely in the refrigerator before cutting. This was really an easy version of chicken divan and was very rich and creamy tasting with regard to the sauce. I really liked the use of the cream of chicken soup – it wasn’t too overwhelming or bland but really enhanced the chicken flavors. We also opted to use fresh broccoli florets, and because we doubled the recipe it took a head and a half of fresh broccoli to cut and steam. This made a lot and everyone, kiddos included, approved.

Typically I would boil up some white Minute Rice to put the chicken divan on top of, but I can’t remember the last time I used the quick stuff and was not surprised that I had none on hand. We ended up using a plain basmati rice, cooked according to package directions – and the texture was nice with the more firm basmati rice. Made for a awesome, all thumbs up dinner.


Homemade chicken stock from boiled chicken; we had to cheat a little and add some bouillon and veggies. It turned out really good!


The chicken was very juicy and succulent after being boiled.


Fresh broccoli really made the taste of the chicken divan really fresh.


Here’s that nice boiled chicken cubed up just right to be put in with the broccoli.


All the yummy goodness layered up and ready for baking.


A really nice browning on the cheddar cheese and breading topper – the smell was out of this world!


The basmati rice was a nice touch and went really well with cinnamon sprinkled bananas and a yeast roll.


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