Another Journey In Pictures Part 4

The 4rd installment of a photo adventure, please refer to Another Journey In Pictures Part 1 for a nice description, and the beginning of the series…Would love to know what you think! Do you like to take pictures at a specific time of day? Or just when the moment hits you?


The 4 “O Clocks in a different shade — these are my favorite so far. I love the light pink lines that run through the bloom.


Another shot of the 4 ‘O Clocks 🙂


The beauty is in the lack of structure in the colors.


A pretty pink bloom that caught my eye.


Another view of my pretty purple butterfly bush.


I have no clue what type of flower this one is, but by far it is one of the most interesting and visually stimulating flowers I’ve ever seen.


A slightly closer view of that flower-I really wish I hadn’t gotten my own shadow in the shot – the grass shadows really brought a little depth.


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