US Government Standstill 2013

I titled this post with a year as the current one is virtually over.  I personally don’t see time for another shutdown before 2014 & honestly, I have zero faith that the government will fix this one before the year runs out. Worse still, from how it looks here, I see a month year date format coming for any future posts on government furloughs. The government has frivolously wasted so much of our nation’s capital and assets, meanwhile they just keep taking and taking from the people.

I could go on all day about how they’ve sent money to places that we don’t have to send. How we pay for all those plushy vacations and pensions and paychecks for our elected officials’ padded pockets and many other obvious transgressions of mismanagement of finances documented out there under bills and line items –  but that is not what really just burns a fire in the pit of my soul.

For them to close down all National Parks is ridiculous. I get that there are many people who just throw trash around willy nilly, and that things like toilet paper in restrooms and trash needing dumping is a must; but I don’t think there wouldn’t be someone who wouldn’t be willing carry a roll up from home; or day trippers finding it too taxing to carry out a bag of trash from a can – I know I wouldn’t.

One small victory  today, I did find a pretty great story though on this Day 1 of our shut down. A victory that came in the form of 90 WWII Veterans who ended up peacefully ‘persuading’ some congressmen to move the barricades to the National WWII monument in Washington D.C. Read the entire story here and hear the words of an 89 year old Vet with quite the personality from Mississippi.

Another kind of interesting read comes from with at least a partial list of departments shut down, what services are affected; as well as those unaffected or only partially affected by the shut down. Visit the Interactive Database.

I think that Americans can and will be responsible for the things that we hold near and dear. For the government to shut down access to National Parks and museums (although sad, this one I can somewhat comprehend due to costs of security and other overhead in a secure type building) just seems to be a message to further crush the American spirit and patriotism by killing all access to the beauty and history in our nation. It feels like the government is pushing us right into a socialist or communist regime. I see the very foundations upon which this country was built being broken down like an individual dismantling a home brick by brick. The worst part of all, is that we are not really protesting – we whine and complain via blogs and Facebook or anonymous comments posted throughout the web and as we sit and watch our country fall into teeny tiny pieces without a shred of recognition of what it is to be American. Yet, we keep electing these self righteous idiots, who care no more for you and I than they do a filled trash can, into places of power and control – and they keep blowing not only every bit of income they get from the people, but have the power to just keep on jumping up the limit on maxed out credit cards. If an individual in America somehow found a way to play the system in this way, I can pretty much guess the fate of them. It’s time to stand up and hold your government accountable and make them responsible for the choices they’ve made. Get them out of there. Let’s refuse to accept these perverts, self serving, overpaid, indiscriminate, and soulless infidels OUT of our governing bodies – not even accept them on a platform – cut them out before they can even get there. I am sick of being in a country that sits and lets the people that speak for the whole in public forums talking from their nether regions and ‘representing’ America here and worldwide. Shame on us America, we can do better than this!

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