New Monthly Contest

I have been virtually¬†begging folks to sound off and comment here at The Asylum. So, to kick off a new monthly contest, each month on the 30th (except February and such LOL – those will be done on the last day of the month) I will be giving a random $10.00 gift card out to the winning monthly commenter! So get to talking! I would LOVE to get to know my fan base and perhaps this is just the thing to do it! The winner will be randomly selected on 11/30/13 and for this month’s winner – There will be a $10.00 Visa gift card mailed to you. I will announce the winner in a post and will also reply to the winning comment with a request for your information to be emailed to me at and I will send the gift card out on the same day! I love my readers and look forward to conversing with you! Love, Ally



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