Jack Daniel’s Sues Popcorn Sutton


Hubby's Old No. 7 tattoo.

Hubby’s Old No. 7 tattoo.

So this story hits really close to home – literally about 30 miles away out in Lynchburg, TN. First let me explain why the local news report not only caught my eye, but after seeing what the suit is about really makes me think Mr. Sutton’s boys need to rethink their bottling strategy. 

I can’t drink alcohol anymore. Don’t get me figured wrong though, I had many, many nights in my personal history that included being completely obliterated (many nights with Jack Daniels, though my whiskey of choice was always Crown Royal). My medical health includes a diet that completely abstains the intake of any alcohol period, it makes me violently ill and I’ve found I enjoy not getting sick as much as I can. However introduce hubby – Jack Daniel’s is his drink of choice. He never would choose a different type if given an option, and is a Jack Daniel’s fan down to his soul. So much so, that when he turned 30, I contacted the Jack Daniel’s Distillery and asked if they would allow him (full bio on his love for Jack included in the letter) to put their ‘brand’ on his calf in the form of a tattoo. We got a letter back from a Mr. Roger Breashears in the corporate office at Lynchburg. It was a wonderful letter that thanked hubby for being a loyal fan, of course invited us back (as of that point, I think hubby’s number of visits was 13 since moving to Tennessee almost 8 years ago) and had my hubby named a squire! A squire is a very honored club to be a part of (Wikipedia actually mentions a squire! We still to this day, love visiting the Distillery and we take the tour every single time. 🙂 My sister, who is a tattoo artist and hubby worked together to make the perfect tattoo and placement and on his birthday he got the letter, the squire invitation and I knocked that year out of the park!

The Tenneessean covers the basics of the suit, but let me illustrate a point. For over a century Jack Daniels has adopted a unique a recognizable use of bottles, labels and other marketing so that it is known by simple look. The bottles have changed over the lengthy history of the spirit but for the better part of 100+ years, Jack Daniel’s has been in it’s uniquely and known bottle. You can find out about every bit of the Jack Daniel’s legacy by visiting their website.

The long and the short of it is, in my humble opinion is that the boys over at Popcorn Sutton‘s outfit are trying to trick or possibly win over those who buy their brand by the look of the bottle. I think that if they have a good product (this is an untasted theory on my behalf) then they should do just as Mr. Jack did all those years ago and seek out packaging that fits the image of their beloved Popcorn. The story from their side of the camp is that Ol’ Popcorn said his stuff was just too good to be in a mason jar – just a little tip to these unimaginative folks, white lightning or ‘shine has always been in mason jars or gallon jugs. I think the classier of the two is the mason jar; it is backwoods and for the common man in it’s history. Try starting there – better yet – revamp the mason jar to a newer better version if you have to change it. Leave Mr. Jack’s bottle and labeling for him – that’s not a ridiculous request. Be your own unique thing. I tried finding a website for Popcorn Sutton’s Moonshine and found that there is not an actual website.

What do you think?

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