Continuing The Blog Revamp

Some things may look a little strange here, don’t worry – there’s no cache problem!  You will see dated posts with an older date in the body that are the result of killing pages and moving to a sole post/category basis. I found that aesthetically it wasn’t as pleasing to the eye and with the category you will be able to find all posts of the same nature, thus making a page with content not found elsewhere was limiting my post audience. Solution 🙂 I’m adding the older entries from those ‘pages’ and turning them into individual posts. 

I’m also changing the look and will be adding content and many more posts (I have 4 drafts right now – lol my mind works a million different directions all at once, I have to follow my process) and look forward to a wider audience and the ability to contact me via email and of course, through comments 🙂 Would love to know what you think and what you might like to see here, or even a cool or interesting newsy type bit. 

And we’re off!

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