Amber Alerts Down? Another Victim Of The Shutdown…Half Truths And What The Real Problem Is

My eye was immediately diverted when a Twitter blurb from Razor [@hale_razor] about the government shutdown and it’s latest ‘victim’ in the form of cuts claims the Amber Alert Website was down saying “if it saves one child ‘was just talk” and thousands just like it. And for those who missed it, visitors were indeed greeted by a white page with bolded typeface and an official DOJ seal, indicating that yes – it was closed due to the shutdown. Love The DOJ.

The website that was untouched was Mrs. Obama’s ‘Let’s Move’ Website – which is her cause to end obesity is the US children. Ok, this is a useful site, but the comparison of obesity versus missing kids was a little excessive. However, fact that it takes 21 people to run her site compared to previous First Ladies’ typical staff of 1 for the same job,I believe could be a good comparison and could probably survive a little ‘slimming’ and continue to function.

At first, I was enraged when I saw the tweet thinking that this was really a travesty of justice! At first they took our history and beauty in the forms of monuments, museums and national parks; but now they threaten the safety of our kids too! Imagine my surprise at going to the amber alert site & seeing it back up and thinking a little bit more when I saw that this was not the place that I see active Amber Alerts, but instead a somewhat ‘administrative’ type site that does provide you some important information, but definitely is not detrimental to the actual alerts released for missing children. In fact, the Amber Alert system itself never quit functioning. The actual active Amber Alerts are found at The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and they addressed the issue above. Admittedly, I did not know that the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children was where to find the current Amber Alert information and this seemed plausible until I researched. This is such a great example of how someone finds a true fact and exploits the already confused and agitated emotions of the public as a whole to try to set the not entirely informed on a rampage. Social media and otherwise.

After looking into all of this, I am finding voices out there that are only about the hype they can build on an incomplete truth. I say incomplete, because the ‘facts’ are in some way based on a shred of truth, but the urgency and play on emotional response is becoming typical and commonplace. I think it’s time for someone who is neutral to step in and explain what is happening – without the name calling and stone walling and outlandish representations of what is happening. Better yet, maybe it should be our elected representatives explaining, and being held accountable. I think it’s well time for Americans to get out there, ask questions, and write your state officials.

It really is time for all of the pettiness that has become politics today to change and we need to tell our representatives what to do. Prove to them that the constituents still care and that they are accountable for what they do. Stop sensationalizing bits and pieces of truth shards, get informed about what is going on and how that affects you – federal employee or not – and let your voice be heard! This is still a Democratic society and no matter what you think of the President and the job he is doing – he’s gone in 2016. Unless enough people stand up and find just cause for impeachment, then he stays until then. I say it’s time to start figuring out what these politicians really do when the crunch comes (not what they say to get elected), and if it is not in the best interest of the people, get them out of there. And when 2016 come around, let’s hope an informed American public unites for what this country can be – not what the hashtag trending troublemakers are doing, the ‘oh, that’s cool because it’s different than any other time in history’ approach, or the ‘popular’ shoe in candidates of your ‘party’. It doesn’t really matter if we are Republican, Democrat, Tea Party, or any other group we classify ourselves if the overall promise, nationality, and ultimate success of America (from the top all the way down to the single person) matter? Can we not unite as a fiscally minded, compassionate and unified whole? Or are we going to continue down this path of me, me, me instead of ‘We The People’?


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