Samuel L. Jackson Tells Obama To Speak More Presidential…

I am beginning this post with one of those ‘A-ha’ head bonking moments that really show me how at certain times, I just listen to the news, take a sound byte and run with it. Today’s particular headline that caught my eye is the comment from Samuel L. Jackson to President Obama about how he should “speak Presidentially” when addressing his constituents.  I had to check this out and see exactly what he said and took a little time to think about it.

There were two reasons this caught my attention: 1) I enjoy Samuel L. Jackson as an entertainer and have found him to be fairly eloquent when he decides to say something (though usually peppered with his favorite expletives), and 2) I have had nearly the same thought when I watched coverage of various speeches and talks Obama has given in different areas and on different occasions. 

First I had to take a look at the interview (it is a Q&A session with Playboy Magazine) and I found so much of what he said overall to be rather interesting. From differences in opinion with Spike Lee, to his Tennessee raising and yes, there was a section where Jackson pretty much told President Obama that it is time to put on his ‘big boy pants’ and start acting like a president! Harsh words coming from an African American powerhouse in Hollywood? I agree with him and I can remember thinking to myself how incredibly fake Obama comes across in his speeches. I have added a few links below, I expect, as I did, you will have your own opinions. I found the one video that struck me as one of the most forced accents in his Asheville, NC and how it struck me then that he just puts on the face he thinks the situation expects to see. I am also adding the links to the news articles, the original Playboy interview, a couple of links concerning Samuel L. Jackson’s biographical history and a couple of President Obama’s different personas. How many do you count?

Links to my post research: 

Playboy Interview



Fox News

Samuel L. Jackson’s Wikipedia

Samuel L. Jackson

Obama’s speech in Ashville, NC about economy 

Obama’s speech Memorial Day 

Obama MLK Speech 

Sound off and tell me what you think….Was Samuel L. Jackson way out of line? Do you see the President ‘donning a regional mask’ when he goes into the public arenas to talk? Do you even care? Are there bigger issues at hand? 

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