On The Soapbox Again ;)

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a news hound. I love hearing about what is going on around the world. I see a lot of wonderful stories that make my heart swell with pride and love for my fellow humans. I have seen stories of homeless men returning found money, children saving others from a fire coming back from buying GTAV, and strangers paying entire layaway bills for struggling families. And then I see a lot of things that shouldn’t get as much airplay (I believe), such as constantly talking about and popularizing the evil deeds people do. Ariel Castro – the Ohio Demon who kidnapped 3 young women; the Boston bombers and their family – who blew up a national foot race, and whose mother fled the US because she was a thief running from prosecution…Today I would like to add my own 2 cents on a couple of stories:

First, this hullabaloo over the death of Michael Jackson. I am a child of the 80’s and I remember being so in love with him as a kid. He was a superstar. He was a musical genius. And he was a drug addict. The family and music exec’s keep fighting over who did what etc., honestly at the end of the day, no matter who administered drugs – I can just about guarantee he asked for them. There was an obvious decline in how he looked and plenty of evidence of mental instabilities (anyone remember him dangling ‘Blanket” over the balcony, or multiple accusations of inappropriate behavior with little boys?) The long and short of it is, it doesn’t matter who wins – he’s still dead, he was still living the life of an addict and it has obviously affected his family negatively. Another sad detail of this drama is that his daughter, Paris, watched him stay drugged up most of her life – and her response to the stress was to take pills to escape. I think that everyone would be better off if they would all just bury Michael and be done with it. His musical legacy is strongly intact – his personal legacy is in a wrecking ball state and it’s time to let him R.I.P. It is also time for the fighters to start thinking about the future – and not stay lost in the past. 

Next is this silly little ploy by Burger King – “Look,we’ve made healthy ‘Satis-fries’! We are still encouraging you to eat these junk foods that are terrible for you, under the guise that you are getting out healthier by a reduction of 20% of the fat in our fries!” Ok, one – did you get rid of the carbs and ridiculous amount of salt on your fries? Have you brought back salads, or is your menu still full of heart stopping, grease filled burgers (anyone had a double stacker?) and other junk food menu items? It cracks me up that they took a side item instead of the main meal portion to make healthier. BK – give me a break! When I think junk food, french fries come first to mind, followed by pizza, hamburgers and hot dogs. If you really want to be healthy, ditch the burgers and fries and give us some healthier options, not a false sense of health with 20% fat removed from a french fry.

And a final item that I think is going to be a GREAT book! Stephen King released ‘Doctor Sleep’ where we get to see what happened to Danny, the son from ‘The Shining’ and see where his life went following the terror he lived through as a child at the hotel. I personally can’t wait to read this one!!!! 

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