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So I’m going through my photos & realize how long it’s been since I shared new ones! Enjoy! 😉


Clouds rolling in before a summer storm in Murfreesboro, TN.


As the previous photo indicates – storm clouds rolling in on a Tennessee summer day.


Another shot of those storm clouds.


Some pretty filters added to the gladiolus my mother got for me. They sure were pretty!


Another picture of the gladiolus.


Another filter placed over a gorgeous pair of sunflowers I got from my friend’s garden.


One shot showing the brilliant colors of the sunflowers. Aren’t they simply amazing?


A closer shot of the gladiolus – they look like they are velvet!


Here is a nice little candid moment with Marley, notice that is the same blanket as usual. This girl seriously has her very own blankie!


Supremely love this picture of Marley, she really is a perfect subject for photos!


On our last trip to Lucky Ladd Farms near Rockvale, TN – as usual, their floral gardens were in full bloom and so fragrant and colorful. If you can’t tell by the number of sunflower pics – I adore sunflowers!!!


I am not sure what kind of flowers they are, but their colors caught my eye. They were a part of one of the floral gardens at Lucky Ladd Farms in Tennessee.


Another really pretty little patch of flowers at Lucky Ladd! Unfortunately, again I do not know what type of flower – but it’s beauty stopped me.


Same story as the last two photos – unknown type of flower but the contrast of the stark white with the shock of hot pink in the middle is just amazing.


Jack posing and tired after a nice run. He is so handsome and a very good boy!


Can’t get enough pictures of Jack – he is a great big baby.


Marley is ready for bed, in my spot! This girl knows how to snuggle!


This picture does not to the beauty of the moon any justice at all! I had to contrast the colors some so that the contours and ‘spots’ showed up. It was a moving view!


Where’s Marley?


God blessed this day double! A little tweaking of the colors really brought out the second rainbow.


Look at that smile! This is the face he uses when he wants up to the foot of the bed. Such a smart boy!


This was the last plant I got at Lowe’s to brighten up the porch. Loved the different colors on this one!


Yoda Kitty is sure focused on something – wonder what he is thinking?


Great shot of Kiddo B and the dogs, all three are such great big cuddle bugs!


Another fantastic shot of Marley! She is so funny – and a still shot does not do the tail wagging any justice at all!


Neat pic of hubby getting ready for fishing (actually he may already be fishing hehe) but one of my most favorite pictures of him!


I really thought this was so picturesque – no clue as to the type of tree; but this meadow is at the Dale Hollow Dam. This is an amazing area! Dale Hollow Lake in Northeastern Tennessee.


The low side of the Dale Hollow Dam, there is a footbridge that crosses the water here. The thunder of the water coming down was intense.


Dad taking the kiddos fishing – we need to take them more so they will be more confident in it and hopefully catch something soon!


Found these Gerber Daisies at the local Lowe’s – the pink and green/yellow just ‘pop’; once I got these in the ground they went crazy!


Just some pretty blooms along the Greenway at the Cason Lane Trailhead Murfreesboro, TN.


The rains had been really dumping a lot of water, this is a part of the Stones River from the Greenway at the Cason Lane Trailhead.


Just a really interesting looking tree along the Stones River Greenway.


The water was rushing down the small waterfall area – Stones River Murfreesboro, TN.


Another view of the tree above from the Greenway.


Who is a pretty girl? I know! I know! Marley is!


Mom also picked me up a Mystic Dahlia for my birthday this year! I also got this planted and with great success, many blooms this year!


Aesthetically the photo is not the best with the house and fence in the background, but this is our purple Magnolia bush. This bush is a monster – it grows with much gusto!

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